So Happy~

I didn't post an entry last night because I was at Ruki's house, but before I sum up yesterday and today I will begin with good news!

Yesterday It occured to me that myspace is very popular, and thus my best friend from Kindergarten, Sunshine, might have an account on there! Her name isn't common so that made searching her even more possible! And I found her!!! We've been messaging since then. I'm so happy. I've always hoped to someday find her again... I still can't believe it ^^ And she's learning Japanese also!

Well... Yesterday morning I got up early to get ready before heading over to JCPenny to apply for a job. That went fine, but I accidently clicked out of the optional questionaire section, and I couldn't go back to it... It's optional, but could still make it more likely for me to get an interview...

After the application, my stepdad took me to get bus money so I could head down to the mall to meet Ruki and my two little cousins. I just barely made it to the bus on time, and got tot he MAX okay. I was convinced that the MAX was going to be late, but it ended up a minute early... I really do worry too much D: I met up with Ruki before we rode the last bus over to the mall.

We ate some lunch (samosas *Q*), and then went to stores. I picked Hana up a few things, but I'm not done with her birthday shopping yet! I also bought myself a Shinkansen pencil, and a hair clip, and a chocolate! We all spent a TON of time in Sephora. There are two of them in the mall, and we went to both of them. All of us painted our nails, and all of us except for Ruki put on some face make up as well! It was super fun. I really wanted to buy the Shinkansen bento box, but I didn't have enough money... It was super cute! I also saw my friend because she works at Hot Topic :3 We spent 2:00PM-6:00PM at the mall. I got to have three tea samples *---* I love Teavana... I wanted more, but the guy came back out so I couldn't just stand there sneaking it D:

I hadn't originally intended to stay at Ruki's house, but they offered to take me, so I called mom and she said I could. :3 We went to dinner at a sushi place that had this cool birdie toothpick thing!

Isn't it cute? I want it... It kinda had trouble picking up the next toothpick though... o.o;;; Maybe it wasn't hungry! Well... The sushi was tastey! I got a bento box that came with miso and rice, and had vegetable yakisoba, salad, vegetable gyoza, and super veggie rolls in it ^^ So good... I was so full afterwards! @.@

When we went home we watched Make Me A Supermodel which only succeeded in pissing us all off because they sent the obviously best model off. Her name was Salami, and she'd won both photo contests in a row, but they got rid of her because they didn't like her cat walk. It was between someone who took bad pictures and didn't even try. His catwalk wasn't even decent, and they sent her home instead of him. Salami was the best one too... Okay. I need to stop talking about this. We stopped watching that and started watching the sweet sixteen birthday part show, which wasn't much better xD...

I got distracted and made an account on my cousin's Animal Crossing game for DS. It's sooooo fun. I really wanna buy it, but I have to earn some money first. I think me and my brothers will split the cost.

I woke up at 12:40PM by accident... Nobody tried waking me up xD But there was waffles. And I played some more Animal Crossing before my stepdad picked me up and took me home. I spent the day organizing pictures, looking up music (Amberian Dawn, Apulanta), and reading about Buddhism. Mom's been looking into Buddhism a lot, and seems to really like it.

Soooo... That's it for now :3
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Childhood memories~

Me and Ruki are discussing fuzzydudes over msn.
Fuzzydudes were something I created some time around 1st grade while I was in a time out at day care. I called them fuzzydudes, but i'd stolen the name from some kid's drawings named fuzzydudes. My fuzzydudes were cooler though >.> PSH. They were a googley eye glued to the base of a colored craft feather. But like many things, the idea of fuzzydudes evolved. With the assistance of Ruki, and Sunshine, and other friends of mine, 'fuzzydude' developed into a community of many species of fuzzydudes. Such species included swamp dudes (one of my personal favorites), and idon'tknows (one of Ruki's favorites)...
Sometimes I really wish I could go back and be 7 again... All years before 9 were the best years of my life, I think :3 I was a brat though...
I remember at Skate World (or something like that), I played this game that was being held so one of the Kid City Daycare staff members named Odey (if I remember correctly) gave me a free soda as a congradulations, but I threw a big fit because I wanted a slurpie instead xD. Ugh...

I think I'm gonna write in some random memories... so that I can look back at them and always remember...

2 years:
-Macaroon Dog... I think he was a German Shepard? He was a good dog though, and he dragged me by my diaper apparently xD
-I don't remember much, but around this time I was living near the ganster area but not in it. Dad still had some gangsta friends though, so mom sometimes tells me random funny things about them. Like how they watched soap operas with her while she was pregnant with me...

3 years:
(2?)- I remember my dad's friend 'Blue' coming to the door and asking if I remembered him. I didn't >.> But Mom says he's the one who nicknamed me 'Baby Blue' when I was a baby.
-Around this age we moved out of the city, and in with my great grandmother. Macaroon Dog was stolen from us right before we left, but we still had Smisher, the cat I'd known since birth up until 4th grade.

4 years:
(3?)- While we still lived at Grandma's house, I remember watching The Rescuers in the guest bedroom one day on the tiny TV. In the middle, Mom came in and told me to come with her cause Dad came home. When we got out front, I saw that him and another guy were carrying the giantest fish I'd ever seen so I screamed and hid from it.
-Dad had a job that ran kinda late with construction so mom and I picked him up and brought him dinner every night. We usually brought him Wendy's, and one time I spilled his frosty be accident and he was pretty calm about it. Apparently he's been taking a new medicine, and I was so surpised at how laid back he was about the frosty that I randomly said 'That medicine works REALLY good.' I also remember trying french fry dipped in frost on one of those nights xD
-Mom taught me the letters and their sounds at this age. I remember getting frustrated one day while we were filling out one of those little practice books.
-We moved into our own home.
(?)-Mom says I drew our entertainment center sometime around this age, and she was surprised at how well I did xD I remember drawing it, but I don't remember what age I was.
(?)-I looked at a spider and asked mom if god made it. She said yes, and then I squished it and said he could make a new one.

5 years:
-I remember looking at elementary schools and daycares with mom. We were considering Santa Clara and Magnet Arts. I ended up in Magnet Arts.
-Started school. First day of school I was scared because I didn't know anyone, but I quickly met a girl named Sunshine, and she become one of my best friends. I also met a girl named Claire who became my friend. We were jealous of how pretty Sunshine's hair was so we'd write down on a paper that she was 0 years old and we were 100000000000000000 years old xDDD Intense, huh? Sunshine was my best school friend though ^^
-btw... Ruki's my cousin, and was born only a month after me so she was my very best friend still.
-I became a big sister!
- befriended a neighbor with the same birthday as me. I forget her name... It was Sammy, I think.
-I also met a girl named Grace, but I didn't like her at first because I thought she lied too much.
-I had morning Kindergarten, and afterwards we ate lunch (I ALWAYS chose peanut butter and jelly with potato chips), and after lunch we went to daycare.

Aaaannd. This is taking a long time so I think I'll just conclude for now with:
To be continued~ :3

Today went okay... I made an ameblo, but when I tried to post, it didn't work! It mixed up all my words. I'm gonna try posting it on the other computer sometime to see if that changes anything. By the way, I woke up at 1:30pm today since I wasn't able to fall asleep until 2:30am... Plus I had really weird dreams about DnD xD I dreamed that my DnD character had a boyfriend who looked like Desmond from Lost but he died, and we had to look for megatron and I found megatron. It was just truely stupid...

So... After taking a shower and such, I checked to comp and then went downstairs to watch Food Network Challange and Ace of Cakes. They made a Lost cake in Ace of Cakes so it was really really cool *o*... They are so lucky... They got to meet the cast of Lost and everything. I wish I worked at their bakery xD. I decided to make a cake after that so I tried out a new vanilla cake recipe I found, and  a vanilla icing recipe.

The cake took a long time to backe (over an hour), so once I made the first icing recipe I discovered that it was completely repulsive so I through it out, and asked mom if she could pick up some powdered suagr and vanilla -___-;;; The second icing turned out tastey though. When I put it on the cake it was more like a glaze... The actual cake part wasn't actually very good at all, but it really grew on me for some reason D: I should've taken a picture of the cake before it got all half eaten, but I'll put up a picture of a sign I liked on a certain gate~!

Just needed to put that somewhere >3 Because I love it *Q* You'd have to seriously try to get squished by that gate. It closes REALLY slowly...

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I haven't posted in a while!

It's been three nights that I haven't posted D: The firsts night was because I was at a birthday party, the second night was because I was cleaning the house until 11:30, and felt too tired to post anything. The third night was because I was sleepy and didn't feel like getting on the computer at all : /  The only reason I felt motivated enough to get on today was that I missed Hana and wanted to reply to her comments and catch up on her journal. I really miss you!

So anyways... I guess I'll start with Friday.
I spent the day do hardly anything until 4: 20. I got on the bus and got to the city early because I took the express bus, rather than the limited bus. I probably should've taken the limited bus because I was outside waiting for the MAX for 15 minutes in the sun. It was so hot outside that I actually sweated : P No fun at all. I had to fix my hair and stuff on the MAX... Which was difficult considering it was shoulder to shoulder due to some special event downtown. I was right next to it, but didn't bother to check it out since I wasn't sure when exactly the MAX would arrive. After the first MAX stop, someone got up from their seat, and the man next to it let me take it ^^. It was very kind. So I fixed my hair, and cooled off a bit before I came to my stop a while later only to wait in the bus another 15 minutes before it set off to make it's rounds. I got off at my stop alright since I asked a nice woman on the bus to alert me when it was near ^^;; I had no clue what it looked like or what it was near... After that, I walked for around 15 minutes to my friends house, and arrived right on time at 6:30~

It was worth it, of course ^^. I hadn't seen her in a long time, and the party was really fun. I gave her her present, and people started showing up. I got to meet her boyfriend, and some of her other friends that I'd never met before. They were all really nice. We all went to karaoke, and I actually sang this time... I think when Hana gets back she, Ruki, and I should all go top karaoke again someday since I was very timid about singing last time. xD At the party I sang Barbie Girl, and Poker Face (D: yuck...), and I'm a Slave (or whatever that Brittany Spears song is called). I hadn't planned on singing Poker Face, since I hate that song... It was actually supposed to be Ruki and her and my friend singing it (I won't use her name, because I only use nicknames on the internet). But... Our friend was kind of shy about singing it so Ruki made me take over. I actually new part of it so It wasn't TOO hard. D: I mean, I've heard it probably 50 times since it's played so rediculously often on the freaking radio. Anyways, I was fun watching everyone sing xD Some people were very interesting...

When we returned, everyone ate cake (which was unbelievably tastey), and just hng out for a while. Me, Ruki, and Mao talked in the connected kitchen area for a while, which was entertaining. Mao torn some crust off the pizza and hid the spots with mushrooms... lmao. I finally got to try Dr. Shasta! Fufufu... After a while, a few people left, and we started watching movies, and talking and such. We watched The Grudge 3, which was amusing. I mean... I hope I wouldn't be as stupid as every one is in horror films, but I can totally see myself as one of those people who hear the creepy sounds, and then go over to check it out. I mean... I've done it before. Luckily it's always a cat instead of some monster ghost lady who goes around killing people for no reason. I will say, however, that both Grudge 2 and 3 are better than Grudge 1... That movie was almost boring xD I was my first horror movie though~ Ju-On 1 is probably the best of the Grudges though... D: I tried to watch Ju-On 2 (or 3 or something) but it was SO low budget and horribly filmed that I just couldn't sit through it... I was sleepy too so the boringness didn't help.

After The Grudge 3, we watched A Haunting In Connecticut (which I actually almost spelled correctly the first time ^^! I used an e instead of an i D:)... That was interesting as well. There was a box of eyelids! I wasn't paying as much attention to this one. I did pay attention during the end though, and it was okay. Sorta predictable D: Happy ending sorta thing, I guess... With movies based on true stories  I'm always really skeptical.

After that movie, I forced everyone to watch Vampire on Bikini Beach because it's one of my favorites *-* And my friend had it on FearNet. So amazing... I don't think they really loved as much as I do, but I think at least Ruki found it amusing xD. I paid close attention to the movie...

After all the movies, we all talked for a while, and I was second of five to go to sleep... I went to sleep at like... somewhere between 4:40-5... I kinda half slept at some pint though because I could hear the others talking and stuff.

I slept alright though, and woke up at 9:30 or so in the morning. Ruki had decided to sleep in a different room since the others had stayed up until 6 or 7 or something. she ended up getting up at 11 anyways, and her mom didn't pick us up until like 2:30 cause she had things to do. My friend made us waffles for breakfast, and they were super tastey.

Once her mom took us home, I got to see Ruki practice on drums for a while, which was awesome! I think if she keeps on practicing she'll get really good. :3 I hope she sticks with it because she seems very passionate about music.

Ruki and the rest had to go to a movie, so I waited at the house until my family picked me up. While I was waiting, Ruki's laptop shut5 down so I washed out some stuff cakes with pancake batter to pass some time. It was really frightening me. I hate when batter dries onto bowls... I felt a need to wash it off before it COMPLETELY dried D:

When we got home, my family left after a while cause my brothers wanted to go somewhere. So I watched Xena and Pelitta. Xena chews and destroys things when she's left for too long, and I was fine with staying with them. I cleaned the house for $20, too, which took from 9pm to 11:30pm.

I decided to wake up early and vacuum at 6:30 so that my parents would return to a clean home. When I went back to sleep, all three cats had left my room and Pelitta was on my bed, so I scooted her over a bit and let Xena sleep by my legs when I went back to sleep. I woke up at 11:30. I don't think I did much for the rest of the day besides watch Bones (since we have to return the two DVDs to the movie store soon), and Lost. Kinda of an uneventful day. I stayed up until 12:30 watching Lost x.x Ugh... I love that show, but all the TV fogs up my brain and makes me feel tired and almost sick.

Even though I felt awful from too much TV, I decided to finish up Lost: Season 4, which was awesome. I don't really care if people think the series went downhill after season one... I still love it xD. For the rest of the day I felt really drained though. My friends and I have been doing DnD on Tuesdays, but my friend changed it to Monday this week suddenly at 11 o'clock last night, and decided not to say anything to me about it. Nice. He usually calls the day before, regardless of what day were having it, so I texted my friend in the afternoon today since I hadn't gotten a call or anything. Turns out it was today, and I had no idea. I wonder if they just forgot about me... She said he probably just figured it was too late to call, but I dunno... It would've been nice to know what was going on. I don't truely care that much though, I couldn't have come today anyways because my family went out for a picnic by the lake.

My stepdad recently found the lake area, that you can take your raft out on, and he wanted us to go out the and eat, and take the raft and stuff. We brought two of the neighbor boys because they're my brother's friends. The picnic was nice, and it was an alright temperature outside since we sat in the shade. Both of the neighbor boys got hurt in some way or another. But they all had fun and took the raft out for a while after dinner. Mom went bike riding, and I just laid down on the blanket listening to music and looking at the trees. One of the trees was really tall and thin so it kinda swayed... I had an urge to run up and see if I could shake it. But I decided against it. I don't think the tree would like that very much D:.

We returned at 8:40, and my parents had told the neighbors that we'd be hope around 8 or so, so they completely flipped out and got all worried since the didn't get our cell numbers... I wen't inside immediately after we got home, but they seemed a bit overdramatic, to be honest. I guess I've never had a kid though, maybe I'd be just as overdramatic *shrugs*. They should've asked for a cell number.

When we got home, I completely finished up Lost: Season 4, and I'm one episode away from finishing Season 2 of Bones. Then I am FREEEEEE *O* Since the video store doesn't have anymore seasons of Bones!

xDD Well... That's basically how the last few days have been. I still need to draw Persephone, and  a picture for Hana.
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-o- *yawn*

I've been sleepy all day, even though I got plenty of sleep. I also had a dream that I clipped my nails, and woke up to realize that they really do need trimming. I didn't clip my nails though. My stepdad brought me breakfast again! It was tastey French toast @.@ But yeah... All day I've been kinda drained and not myself. Hopefully I'll feel revitalized completely tomorrow~ I'm sure I will.

Last night after posting the entry, I turned on some Lost, and decided that I should rewatch the end of the third season because I forgot a lot of what happened. I watched it until 1:30 am, and then decided to sleep. Peachie drank a ton of my water so I had to reluctantly leave the door open for her in case she needed to leave ;-; I miss her again already since she was gone when i woke up. Spencer saw he leaving the garage this afternoon, so I wasn't able to catch her again. She's like the blue mofo D:

Once I got up, I decided to watch some more Lost, and felt like I was really wasting my day. I still watched it though. It frustrates me that I don't remember a lot of it, but I don't want to rewatch the whole series or even the whole season. I just want to get to season 4 D:

This was the last day of my brother's grounding, and my stepdad tricked them into believing that they were cleaning off the roof. I was actually kinda worried about them, since I also fell for it xD But he was kidding, and they just had to do some yard work.

Eventually my stepdad took me down to mom's work so that she could take me to a counseling appointment after she finished up work. He took me early because he was gonna jog with one of our neighbors. So I waited at Mom's work, and saw all the pictures she had hung up around her desk. There were so many!
After she finished up, we headed over to the counseling office, and I was fortunate enough to listen to some rap CD that mom was playing in the car. Mom has some pretty awesome dance moves, but I think my favorite was when she was singing to Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie the other day. It was beyond words XD
Anyways, we stopped by a convenience store, and I got a tastey strawberry banana Sobe before we looked through an imports store to pass some time. There was some pretty cool stuff, especially this incredibly pretty bed frame with all these details in the wood. It was so fancy...

When we got to the counseling office it wasn't log before I was called in, this time with my mom. Another reason why I hate counseling is the fact that it's like a volcano with lava on it in the room. It getsall sweaty like those sauna rooms by swimming pools. It's so freaking hot. But this time there was good news. I didn't have to talk, and the counseler lady said that it's not necesary for me to go to counseling, and that my mental health is alright! 8D Things I already knew... So~ I don't have to go to counseling except now and then to check up.

It took forever to get back home because there was a ton of traffic! And we were behind this really annoying truck advertising some resturaunt/casino. It had this ugly guy on it holding dishes of gross looking food. it said things like 'shrimp cocktail 99 cents, salmon and chips 99 cents, straawberry shortcake 99 cents'. And it had pictures of the food, but the strawberry shortcake looked like someone vomitted their guts out on  a little, white plate. D: We were behind that obnoxious truck almost the whole time!

When we were home, mom made me come out and prove my existance to the small neighborhood children >.< It was actually somewhat awkward, especially since I was tired and just wanted to go inside.

After a while, mom and I watched Natural Born Killers, which was extremely interesting. Even the actual filming was interesting. Some parts were in black and white and some were in color, and pictures and scenes flashed in and out. Very unique o.o... Also... Robert Downey Jr.'s role was incredibly funny :'D He was my favorite... So weird.

Well... Other than that, nothing much happened today. I feel like I should be watching less TV. I watch almost no TV during the school year, but now I'm watching way too much D: Once I finish Bones it'll probably die down though...


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After posting, I went down to the garage to see if Peachie was there, since that's her usual hang out. I've been checking really often for the past few days, and it's been almost 4 or 5 days since I've seen her. Usually I find her down there every time I check, but lately she hasn't been there. But when I check, this time she was there! I must've checked 8+ times today D:
But I found her! ^^
I'm happy again.
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I'm considering making a studio piece of Persephone from Greek mythology because I always found her story intriguing. I'll probably use the same media as I did with Narcissus, but we'll see. I've been really wanting to try carve something out of wook. I know it'll suck, but I want to at least try it. I should also probably make another cake (decorated artistically) because I haven't done that in a while... Maybe the new fondant recipe that I want to try will work this time!

This morning Spencer brought me breakfast! He had made some apple blueberry pancakes... Probably the best pancakes ever. I've been feeling like a fatty lately though so I should probably work out or something. I haven't been doing much D:

My brothers got in trouble so they did most of the cleaning, but one of my brothers had to help me clean the kitchen after dinner, and he didn't even know how to clear the table. It was rediculous, and actually kind of frustrated me. I had to tell him that you take the dishes off the table, and then wipe off the food. Then he got all grossed out because wiping down the table involves whiping chunks of food and catching them in your hand off the side of the table. (maybe not at everyone's house, but my brothers are messy). I called him a wimp... Seriously. It's just a bit of food : P

Other than that, I spent a lot of time watching Bones today, and now I've rented disk four and five of season two. There's only one disk left after that, and it only has one episode on it (which actually kind of annoys me).

I also decided randomly to look up the anatomy of the eyeball. I do that sometimes... So I checked a few sites and took notes on the different parts of the eye as well of their functions. It was all very interesting, and I might actually dedicate a page in my art book to the anatomy of eyes.

Still no sight of Peachie. Apparently my brother says he saw her yesterday, but I don't know... My brothers confuse days easily. I'm starting to get really worried for her, and I miss her a lot. She's my favorite kitty, and I'll cry if she doesn't show up soon.

Other than that, today was pretty slow and uneventful. I cut my bangs, but that's pretty much the most exciting point of my day.

Short post, but I'm actually not much in the mood to expand on anything or add in much thought.
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Dun dun dun...

I had fun at Shinji's house~
Monday I woke up early and stuff to get ready to go, (even though I didn't leave until like... 11, or so)... I was having a bad 'clothes day'. D: I have hardly any outfits that I like anymore... But school clothes shopping is coming up soon ^^ Also... My hair is getting annoying. Mom never ended up cutting it, because she felt sick on sunday. ;-; She seems to be feeling better now though.

I got to Shinji's house around noon, and we showed each other random videos and music and such for a while. I introduced her to the Scottish [pirate] power metal band, Alestorm. Lmao. They're amazing. And from that we found the band 'Swashbuckle' :'D. OMFG look it up. I'm not kidding. It's beautiful. By the way, I took TONS of pictures at Shinji's house of cookies and such, so there will be a lot of them in this journal post.

Once some cookie dough had chilled, we made some sugar cookies! It was so fun xD. Especially when we got to decorating them. She had tons of cut outs: ghosts, bears, dinos, blobs, kitties, etc. So we rolled out the dough, and used the cookie cutters to shape the cookies. Like this one:

Isn't it cute? I was so excited when I discovered that she had dino cookie cut outs. I want some so badly now... They even came out looking like dinos! It was incredible. Their little toes were a bit difficult to get out though D: Anyways, while the first batch was cooking, Shinji started mixing up some colored icings: green, pink, blue, yellow, and white. They were made purely from milk and powdered sugar ^^ yum... The pink looked like pepto bismal... :'D

So~ it didn't take long for the cookeis to bake. We had four batches, and once those were all done, we began the frosting and decorating! We made some really cool ones *---* Here are most of them...

2 Pac: I made this one >3... I know D: Awful joke. He has awesome bling though, and Shinji made Biggie!

Pink Batty: I also made this one >3 I used a bunny sprinkle for the fangs.

The Book Dino: I mad ethis one too... 8D The book he's reading is supposed to be LOTR >.> But the gel makes it all hard to write.

Bubbles: Another one I made o.o This idea started out when Shinji and I were discussing what colors of frosting to make. We decided pink, green, and blue, and it reminded me of the powerpuff girls >3 I only made one though, because their heads are enormous D:. I used a pumpkin cookie cutter for her face. lmao. And one pigtail came off! The blue icing kind fused into the yellow.

The Creepy Bear: Doesn't it look psychotic? o.o I should've given it a butcher knife or something, but I had no idea it would turning out looking so frightening! I made this one too... Jeez. o.o I made a lot of the fancy ones D:

Biggie: Shinji made him right after I made 2 Pac xD The eye bled, kinda like how Bubbles did. The gel kinda mixed it pretty easily. He had some cool bling too!

The Fancy Pig: Shinji made this one too. She does this cool fancy thing where she puts different colored lines of frosting in! It was cool...

Klaus Nomi's Ghost: Possibly one of my most beautiful creations ever~ fufufu. It's Klaus Nomi, as stated before! In his triangle tuxedo! (btw, Shinji and I watched an 80's movie in which a girl wheres a blue dress with sleeves that reminded me of Klaus Nomi's tuxedo!). I fear for whoever decides to eat this cookie at Shinji's house :'D

Mr. Moo: I thought we needed a cow, so I made this cow too~ I think he's kinda cute ^^ Mooooooo...

Mr. Owl: Like in the tootsie pop commercials 8D I made this one too. His wings look kinda stubby.

Pink Bunny: This was one of the quick ones I made... I actually don't know why I took a picture of it indevidually D: Probably because it was on the tray with some of the special ones. It's still kinda cute ^^

Pokeball: At the end, we had enough dough left for one circular cookie, and Shinji decided to make it into a pokeball xD i though it was a brilliant idea. It's such a pretty pokeball *o* I bet she could catch Exodia with it...

Sparkly Dino: Sinji made a shiney dino *---* it's so pretty! Andf it's right next to the dino I made, so they can be friends! I love dinos... I love them.

Sparkly Bear: Another one Shinji made xD Beautiful pink on yellow! So... many... cookies D: Almost done with the cookie pictured ^w^

Top Hat Dino: This is one of my favorite ones that Shinji made. She's so good at decorating the dino ones! Isn't it so cute?

Viking Dino: Shinji made this beautiful viking dino, with the amazing hat that looks a bit Russian apparently xD. I love it! It's so cute, even though it fell a little!

Well... Those are most of the more decorated cookies. I'll just show two plates of some of the more basic ones. We took them to DnD to give to our friends ^^.

In the picture on the left, the blue flower cookie to the most left with the green center had green apple flavored sprinkes. Shinji's mom bought them without realizing they were flavored, but we decided to put them on one of the cookies to see if anyone would notice. They did. >3 I thought the sprinkles wer etastey on their own... like candy!

Shinji made a really pretty mess with all the frosting! I love the pink sparkles stuck in the icing mixture xD So pretty... Since the cookies took so long, we were about 40 minutes late to DnD, but the others wer late too because they were picking up soda. So unhealthy! >.< I actually didn't drink any soda though...

DnD was fun... We were actually somewhat productive too O.O I'm so weak that I can't be much of a help attacking things though... However, I do have minions now 8D I rand around healing people the whole time, even though I'm supposed to be evil... I passed it off as sucking up to people so they'll do nice things for me! Fufufu... Apparently mom is telling the neighbors I'm a dork because I play DnD xD. They all think I'm some mystery kid apparently because I never go outside. But now they just think I'm a geek.

After DnD we were driven back to Shinji's house, and we attempted to watch Queen of Blood, which is a vampire alien movie from 1966. It was so slow though, and I ended up falling asleep >.< It was kinda funny though. All the astronauts wore mustard yellow, and they film makers used tons of miniatures for space ships and such.

In the morning, I had poptarts, and strong coffee for breakfast (healthy again!), after which I took a shower and got ready. Before leaving for the gallery, Shinji and I watched a movie called 'Vampires on Bikini Beach', a movie from 1988. xD It's one of my new favorite movies. I can't believe it was supposed to be spooky at all... I wrote down a bunch of lines and my parts so I could remember them all. I took a few pictures too! I'll write breif summary:

Some friends, including a girl and her boyfriend, decide to go down to the beach in California. They hang out at a dance club at night, and one night, one of the girls gets ran into by two random people dressed in black who rush off. It turns out that they dropped their important vampire book of the dead, and so the teenagers decide to investigate (I really couldn't tell whether they wer teenagers or young adults... probably actually young adults, because they drank beer). It turns out, a vampire is trying to find a girl who is destined to kill him.

So here are some of the quotes/ pictures and such.

Apparently they thought it'd be spooky to have an unrealistically enormous moon in the opening credits. It was obviously fake too, considering the moon was in front of some of the buildings!

2. "Put the garlic back in your spagetti sauce!" 
The movie opened with a news report, reporting murder incidents in which the victims were drained of blood. The report assures that vampires don't exist and says this at the end, Intense *----*

3. "We were just cruising... JUST CRUISING! How the hell did this happen?" *dramatic voice*
This was said by a girl, waiting outside her friend's hospital bedroom.

4. "We never found any radical dude..."

5. "I must've had the smoke fog in my eyes... And in my brain."

6. "See you later JERK."
Some old guy at the dance club said this. xD he was pointing his finger intensely as he said it too... When me and Shinji saw him she was like 'please don't let him be the vampire >.>;;;'...

7. "I just have a natural curiosity... Wouldn't YOU like to see a murder victim's body?"

8. The boss vampire had an incredible Spanish accent (or something that sounded like one), and he was beyond stereotypical. Plus, when he bit his first victim of the movie on the neck, it was so short, that it was pretty much impossibly fast. He would even have time to drain and blood at all if it was really that fast xD. Shinji was like "...Wait. Did he bite her, or...?" Yes... Unfortunately =o=;;;

9. There was a surfboard graveyard by bikini Beach. I'm not even kidding O.O;; And the dead rose from it, and attack some mating couple in the midst of the surfboard grave stones.

10. "Their heads were squished together, like jelly!"

11. There were several absolutely pointly dance sequences xD One in bikinis too, and those bikinis were UGLY. The tops went past the hips, and up to the belly button :'D In one of the dance scenes, they weren't even dancing to any music at all (there was background music, but there were no radios or anything playing in their actual scene). The bikini dance sequence was hilarious though. they know that vampires are on the loose, but they still take the time to try on new bikinis, and dance around with guys gawking at them through the shop window xD So lame...

12. At one point, a boy was investigating an ally and finds a puddle of mysterious fluid on the ground. He sticks a finger in and tastes it D:... What was he THINKING?

13. The young adults lock themselves in a house to figure things out about the vampires, and summon some dark god of the dead or something... So they decided to order a pizza, but when the pizza man is there, they are suspicious of him, so they open the door, but keep the lock chain latched up. This is the conversation they have with the pizza boy.

Man: "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
Pizza Boy: "Yes. Could you open the door so I can give you your double meat and cheese pizza?"
Woman: "No! Just shove it though! It'll fit!"
Pizza Boy: "Okay... Just don't call and bitch about the mess."
Man: "Just shut up and give me the pizza."

Then they don't pay him for it D:....

14. The summoned guy has an enormous neon cross...

If you ever get the chance to watch that then DO! It's on FearNet for whoever gets that 8D I thought it would be boring, but it was too hilarious xD They don't even call the police when they find the dead body of this doctor guy, and there's dry ice EVERYWHERE. Also, there's pretty awesome music~ :'D There were even more funny parts, but I only have them on video D: Here's two pictures of what the vampires looked like.

The vampire picture on the left is from a super funny part :'D
There have been tons of vampire movies in the free movies section of On Demand o.o We were wondering why (And hoping it had nothing to do with the Twilight craze that's been going on...).

I'm too lazy to put up any of the other pictures I have... So that's it for the picture in this post.
After the movie, we went down to some galleries, and looked at five. Plus, I got my friend a birthday present at this cool store in the area. :3 There were some pretty incredible pieces of art. It makes me want to work harder >.<; After that we went back to her place and ate lunch before I headed back home on the bus. When I got home I talked to Ember for a while and watched some Bones with mom. I still haven't been able to find Peachie, but Mom says she saw her yesterday, so at least I know she's alive, and not lost or anything.

That took me a long time D:
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So Much Art @___@

I did so much art today and yesterday xD I feel more accomplished now. I decided to make Narcissus a studio piece, and I even got in a new page in my homework book. The page has a little sketch I made of a zombie a while back, and I also wrote a super tiny 'story' about zombies eating a dog as well as a breif explaination about my opinions on zombies and such (to take up some space). So I actually haven't been lazy the past few days... It's so weird to be productive for once o.o;. For art I still need...

-16 pages in my homework book.
-3 art gallery visits.
-1 art museum visit.
-(preferably some more studio pieces).

Tuesday, I'm gonna see some galleries with a friend though so that'll take care of those 8D I'm still not perfectly happy with the ground area in my piccture of Narcissus, but I worked so hard on him that I'm gonna count it as a studio piece anyways >.< We're not really supposed to spend 8 hours on just one page in our homework books, so it makes more sense too. I do think I fixed the picture up a little better though, so at least it's better than it was last night (xD btw I actually did have to fix it before I could fall asleep). Anyone who reads this should go look up Caravaggio's painting, Narcissus. It's incredible...

Here's my pencil/watercolor/ballpoint pen drawing of Narcissus. Sorry for the bad quality. It's better in person : P

I really can't stop listening to the song C'est Pas Juste by Kyo... I don't know why, but I get addicted to random songs sometimes. It's a pretty song, even though I have no idea what the lyrics mean since they're French.

Today I woke up and got a start on cleaning the house with my brothers. I actually cleaned my room finally! It didn't really take very long xD Cleaning the whole house did though. Especially the kitch =o= In all it took around 2 and a half hours. But I got paid a big allowance, which is good! I need to buy my friend a birthday present (yah, another birthday xD), so money comes in handy >.<! There are so many July birthdays (not as many as May though, thankfully)... Hana has a birthday coming up, also ^o^

I haven't seen Peachie for two days, so I'm a little worried... She never gets lost or anything though, so she's probably just outside.

I went to the movie store with my stepdad, and got the next two DVD's of Bones Season Two. We also rented Finding Nemo 8D! Mom wanted ice cream, too so we got some of that. Coconut milk ice cream is 1000000000000000 times better than regular ice cream, and it's vegan! It's seriously way better. Coconut Bliss is amazing O.O

My brother won't stop saying "You're not my best friend anymore..." and it's annoying. I always told him "I don't care." But now he does that too, and it's really really annoying =o=. I can't wait until he's older and I can tell him about all the weird/lame things he says. My other brothers have said some pretty silly things too xD Such as...
"Evil vengence... That means ninjas."
"Want a piece of meat?" (Instead of 'want a piece of me?')
"Pull me up Sissy, I'm a whopper!"
Etc Etc Etc
They're pretty much the best. xD

After getting back home we all watched Finding Nemo, which has always been an amazing movie! <3 I remember me an Hana obsessed over it so much that we both made fish journals with pictures of fishies in them, and the cast list to Finding Nemo xD. I like the sharks best.

Tomorrow I have DnD, and I'm also staying the night at a friends house so we can go see the galleries Tuesday. So... I will not be updating tomorrow D: I'm actually impressed with how well I've been remembering to update everyday. I haven't skipped any day that I was able to update, except when we got home from camping and Ember stayed the night xD.

I have a bug bite on my elboy, and on my wrist. both bites itch so badly, especially the one on my elbow right now v.v I hate itchiness.
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This entry will probably end up pretty short, because I'm sleepy and frustrated.
Frustrated, because I just spent hours and hours on this drawing, and the water color part of it didn't turn out how I wanted it to. I decided that I'd sleep, and fix it in the morning, because I don't have enough patience left to do a good job. It's in the Narcissus drawing. I made some ripples and they just BOTHER me v.v... Plus, I'm not sure whether to put it in my sketch book, or actually count it as a studi piece (it took long enough to be considered one...) If I can fix it up well enough then I'll use it as a studiopiece. I don't even know if I'll be able to sleep knowing that it's so awful. ARGH. I'm just frustrated : P I need to take more breaks or something.

Tomorrow I need to clean the house with my brother, which won't be much fun at all. I might possibly go to Shinji's house on monday though, which would be awesome! We need to do some more art ^^ School feels like it's coming up so quickly, even though there's still over a month and a half left of summer... I even had a dream that it was the first day of school, and I couldn't remember where the Japanese room was. It was weird, the school in my dream looked nothing like my school in real life. The Japanese room was rediculously narrow, and full of pillows.

Speaking of school, I need to get senior pictures sometime this summer D: I just know they'll be awful v.v...

I made cake/brownies today. It's basically cake without the frosting : P So my brother and I ate that, and watched movie and played video games all day xD I've gotten to a hard part in Dirge of Cerberus though D: We watched The OUtsiders, and Jurassic Park I, which was awesome.

Other than that, I've just been seriously focusing on my art. I might even go and try fixing it again x.x;
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I didn't actually do much today D: Nothing exciting, really.

Woke up at 11:30, my brothers had a friend over. I started watching the last disc of season 1 of Bones, and continued watching it until it was done. I then proceeding in watching Bone since I had the first disc of season two as well O.O By the end of all 8 episodes my brain felt a little fried xD I love Bones though~ I'm just not used to watch half that amount of TV all in one sitting >.<; I've been watching wayyy too much TV this Summer, and it's NOT healthy D: I need to read some more Edgar Allan Poe stories. That'll fix me up good as new : P <3

After I was done watching that, I talked to my parents for a while, and had dinner and such. My parents found the most incredible vegan ice cream EVER. It's Coconut Bliss brand or something and it's even better than regular ice cream D:...

My mom showed me that she had this new medicine stuff with some weird long name. It's not a prescription medication or anything, it's more natural. Apparently it's just herbs and stuff that make your digestive system healthier, and she told me she lost ten pounds in two days with it.  I believed her, =o=... And she offered me some to try it xD So I did. You're supposed to take twenty drops in a drink or something. So I tried it, and it tasted like a mixture of coffee and Bitrex XP It was repulsive ;-;. And it smelled weird too! At least my digestive system will be very healthy for a day!

Since I don't actually have much to say about today...

There's this new song on the radio that REALLY bothers me. I mean, maybe it shouldn't, but it really does and I can't help but be genuinely annoyed by it. I can understand where people are coming from when they say you should respect artists, eeven if you don't enjoy their music so much, but this song... It doesn't even seem to have any intelligence even skill behind it whatsoever ;-;. And the sad thing is that it's on the 'popular new music' channel. I just can't believe it. It doesn't even have a good beat, or rhyme, or anything at all. It just sounds like the artist is shoving stupid words together about partying and such. It has like... three notes or something in it. I just can't stand it, and I've only heard it once! It's that song that's like 'polka dot bikini GIIIIIIRRRRLLL' and 'I'm in [insert city name] TRRRRIIICK'... Please someone tell me what trick is supposed to mean? ;-; I'm terribly confused and irritated. Although, I do find it amusing that they recorded various city names so that it could be played all over in different cities :'D My stepdad said he first heard it in Cleveland, and it said 'I'm in Cleveland TRIIIICK'... That just sounds dumb xD I want to here is say some weird city name... Like Medicine Hat in Canada. 'I'm in Medicine Hat TRIIIICK'. It doesn't even go with the beat, but then... A lot of the lyrics don't even fit the limited, basic beat at all. PFFFT. My stepdad keeps randomly saying lines from it, and it keeps getting stuck in my head ;-;  Along with that Lady Gaga Disco Stick song x.x... Lady Gaga's songs ALWAYS get stuck in my head.

I've also discovered lately that I'm horrible when it comes to sad parts in movies/shows. It's kinda pathetic, actually. Even when it's not THAT sad, I feel like I'm gonna cry. Mostly when little kids are gonna die. I hate when little kids die. That's one of my weaknesses when it comes to movies. I always wanna cry when a little kid's gonna die. I can hold it in pretty well though.

Today my muscles in my legs have been aching a little. It might be from running around with laser tag, but  I'm not sure. Also, my knee and ankle are banged up and bruised/skinned from falling yesterday ;-;

At night I watched 'Basketball Diaries' or something like that with my parents cause I was bored, and didn't wanna go upstairs. I was worried that it was going to be an inspirational sports movie, but it wasn't (thankfully!). It was about drugs, an anti-drug movie. It was alright, kinda gross when he was all slimey and drug desperate XP

I actually did start on some art. I'm drawing Narcissus of Greek mythology. I really found that story interesting when I read it in 7th grade, and it's one of the myths that I remember the best. The picture may take a while since the pose is different than any I've done before, and it's also a profile shot, which is still difficult for me to get right. Plus I'm trying to make my homework book the best I possibly can!

I think I'll leave it at that for today~

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